Mary, beautiful and intelligent girl whose only dream was: to become a Hollywood star. Barahona a province south of the Dominican Republic, is where was born and lived for over 20 years. But the mighty and turquoise sea outgrew our Maria. She knew aprobechar foreign influence in his country to learn English, and mount Shakespare know teatricos homemade gas-lit lamps becoming the actress in 1920's Creole coastal town. In spite of being listed as a young differently to the other girls of the 30's, the fate of Maria Africa Gracia Vidal, was already written. His courage was his guide when to leave his hometown, exercising in the arts in Puerto Rico, New York and finally achieving excel as an actress in Los Angeles California since the early 40 kos. It took years to taste the sweet taste of success but once he got with his talent and color, the seat, the world recognized as the unrivaled: Queen of Technicolor. The movie is a carousel filled highs and lows towards demonstrating that: dreams do come true!


Celinés starring and produced by Toribio ("Tropic of Blood", "America"), "Maria Montez, The Movie" is a film that has Dominican sponsored by several government and private institutions as Orange Cinema, Reserve Bank and the Ministry Culture of the Dominican Republic, among others. The premiere is scheduled for the local and international market in mid-2013. The film is directed by Vicente Peñarrocha, Spanish director nominated for the Goya Awards in 2004 with his first film, "Out of Body". The film revolves around the story of the first Dominican who managed to conquer Hollywood with her ​​exotic and glamorous figure in the 1940s managed to break the barriers of language and color, across borders from the U.S. to Europe and conquering fame France and Italy because of her beauty and talent.


Maria Africa Gracia Vidal, born in Barahona, Dominican Republic on June 6, 1912. It was the 2nd of 10 children who from an early age showed a passion for acting forming with his brothers for the family plays. Being from Barahona, a town of Madera exporter at the time, Mary was surrounded by a foreign influence where as good self, learn English reading fashion magazines of the time. In the 1930s she married the Irish and banker William McFeeters Barahona who is moving from Puerto Rico to continue his duties with the First National City Bank. After 7 years of marriage, Mary decides to secede from New York McFeeters to pursue his dream of acting. The rest is history: Celebrations in the highest social circles in New York and meetings with top Hollywood studio executives who gave Mary the opportunity to test camera for Universal Studios. This is how Mary manages to move to Los Angeles and began a long career where he manages to make 26 movies in Hollywood. Later on, in Italy manages to make 3 and France 2. It is at this time that Maria Montez knows her 2nd husband, actor Jean Pierre Aumont with whom he fathered a daughter (Maria Christina Aumont).